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„Regard­less of whe­ther we meet digi­tally, in person or a mix of both: As a guest or user, I want to feel taken care of. I’m happy about a per­sonal invi­ta­tion, a warm wel­come or a small gift. The more thought and effort my hosts put into their event, the more I feel appre­ciated as a guest. I am happy about the spe­cial loca­tion or the unique ambi­ence. Even in vir­tual spaces, I notice when my hosts com­bine the stream with a dra­ma­tur­gi­cally well thought out broad­cast and don’t just let the camera run along. I enjoy inspi­ring con­ver­sa­tions with people I meet again at an event or get to know for the first time. That can also work online, by the way, if the appro­priate tools are being used. These are the events that stay with me in memory.”

Björn Kloos
Founder of artribute

„If you asked me what I per­so­nally like the most about an event, I would say the last few minutes before it offi­cially starts. The brief moment of calm before the first guests arrive, when ever­ything is set up, the team is ready and there is this fee­ling of exci­te­ment in the air. The idea and the con­cept have been turned into rea­lity, a new space is created and a story is being told. Even though in most cases I’ve been plan­ning the event for weeks, some­times months, this moment never fails to excite me and is always spe­cial. I am left with fasci­na­tion, ama­ze­ment and pride of what can be created from an idea and an empty space.”

Melina Meuli

„Our cli­ents come to us with high expec­ta­tions and many ideas of their own. I am happy when my team and I get to set new impulses beyond that and prove that the fine details make the dif­fe­rence. As someone who has been working in gas­tro­nomy and cate­ring for a long time, I know how important it is that in the end ever­ything is 100% spot on and, above all, tastes good. I aim to bring the many ideas,- the client’s and our own — to life and create some­thing spe­cial and unique tog­e­ther. When the eyes of our cus­to­mers light up at the end and both par­ties are already loo­king for­ward to the next event, this to me is the big­gest success.”

Guido Nitze

„Event manage­ment is working towards that one spe­cial moment, that makes guests and hosts shiver and watch in awe. When a set of dif­fe­rent ser­vice pro­vi­ders, well ali­gned and syn­chro­nized, is working towards the common goal: making people come tog­e­ther to have them become a wit­ness of that very moment. The faces when guests step into a set­ting they did not expect – eyes wide as sau­cers in total dis­be­lief. The light smile in anti­ci­pa­tion of great food. All this is forming those remar­kable moments, the frame­work to bring people tog­e­ther and to inspire them.”

Tim Dreske






Inte­rior Design


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Digital events on the right platform for every branch, every occasion and every budget 

Townhall meetings with live polls and spontaneous call-ins 

Membership meetings with certifiable polls 

Virtual networking rooms for avatars 

Hybrid productions with own direction, high-quality AV technology, studio lighting and scenery construction 

Hygiene concepts according to DEKRA 

Mobile test centers with antigen quick tests, contact tracing 

Sending of gift boxes 

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Don’t leave your guest’s expe­ri­ence to chance. Increase the effi­ci­ency of your event plan­ning with real-time know­ledge about your guest list. With us, you can easily reduce the admi­nis­tra­tive effort involved in your guest management.

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